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A Festival of Eco-Consciousness Interactive Dreaming for Better Futures



10% of all ticket sales directly benefits Breathe Southern California and their mission to promote clean air and healthy lungs through research, education, advocacy, and technology.



A Festival to Spark Your Imagination and 

Inspire Dreaming toward Positive Eco-Futures!

September 15–24, 2023

11AM–10PM Fridays and Saturdays

11AM–7PM Sundays–Thursdays

California Institute of the Arts

24700 McBean Parkway,

Valencia, California 91355

Located at iconic California Institute of the Arts (CalArts) in northern Los Angeles County, one of the year’s most anticipated experiential events will offer immersive environments for you to dream up wildly positive futures. Imagine new possibilities and transform your consciousness!


Together we can shift the tone of climate conversation toward Earth optimism!


Come wander through a multi-sensory festival anchored by the Dream Domes. Let your curiosity guide you on a journey into states of mind where imagination, art, innovation, and family-friendly activities converge, including goat yoga, Indigenous storytelling, curated art experiences, live music performances, sound baths, local food, and much more.


Can’t wait to see you at this Festival of Eco-Consciousness, where imagination dances to the beat of transformation!

For general inquiries, please email us at EarthEdition[at], or call us at +1 (424) 239-9602. 


Dream Dome Experience

The world premiere of a monumental journey through three domes, where raw creativity and cutting-edge technologies by world-famous innovators integrate into a transformative environmental experience — toward your ideal eco-futures.

Mentoring Tent

Have a dream? Meet with guides who can help translate your ideal eco-world into action steps. You can link with affinity groups, noted organizations, or kindred spirits with similar passions — or chart your own path! Mind-bending, life-changing speakers.


Visit displays and booths by eco-minded thinkers and doers showcasing innovations and products highlighting the green economy thriving in Southern California.

SolarPunk Garden

Immerse yourself in a jungle-like SolarPunk garden with interactive futurist programming to expand your horizon and imagine possibilities.

Futuring (Art for Building New Worlds)

Explore an exhibition of site-specific installations, new media environments, and screenings that look at alternate futures beyond the present climate moment through themes of world-building and social engagement.

Indigenous Deep Knowledge Circle
Experience an immersive environment highlighting the ecological knowledge of the Fernandeño Tataviam Band of Mission Indians, on whose ancestral land the festival is taking place, alongside performances and media emphasizing the interconnectedness of all life.

Sustainable Sounds
Groove to outdoor live musical performances by an eclectic lineup of DJs, bands, and sonic artists, designed to inspire joy, raise vibrations, and expand consciousness through sound.

Visions2030: Earth Edition is for everyday dreamers! Bring your open mind and sense of wonder and join us on a bold journey of the imagination.



Jess Alvarez-Parfrey * Rae Binstock * Ashley Blakeney * Jennifer Bloom * Lauren Bon * Cindy Bonaparte * Roberto Borrero Múkaro * Pyet DeSpain * Jenna Didier * Andrew Ellis * Paige Emery * Jodie Evans * Dennis Garcia * Ted Garcia * Paola Gil * Karenna Gore * Matthew Cuban Hernandez * Serene Jones * Ed Kabotie * Molly Kawahata * JoAnn Kuchera-Morin * Nathan Lou * Carey Lovelace * Katherine Markova * Ibarra Mendoza * Evan Meyer * Chelo Montoya * noé olivas * Ravi Rajan * Johnny Rap * Matthew Teutimez * John Threat * Jes Vesconte * Andi Xoch 


AlloSphere * Altasea * Breathe SoCal * Bloom Holistic Healing * Centro CSO * Center for Earth Ethics * Clockshop * Compton Community Garden * Earthjustice * En-ROADS * Herbalaria * LA River Public Art Project * LA Urban Farms * LAST ONE LEFT by 1-Off Recycled Garment Project * Latinx With Plants * LAMOCA * Los Angeles Ecovillage * Metabolic Studio * MiniForest LA * Mongol Tribe * Rag Reserve * Sierra Club * Suay Sew Shop * Systemic Impact Strategies * The Plant Chica * The Plant Plug™ * Transition US * TreePeople * Union Theological Seminary * Woodlake Botanical Garden


Chad S. Hamill/čnaq’ymi * Ben Crowell * Alexia de Montalembert + Lucas de Montalembert * Arlo Tomecek * Betty Beaumont * C. Bain + Christine Gaffney * Cannupa Hanska Luger * Crenshaw Dairy Mart * Douglas Goodwin + Rebecca Baron * Ella Rosenblatt * Emma Akmakdjian + Maru Garcia + Sanna Bucht-Akmakdjian * Emory Hall * Folly Feast Lab (Viviane El Kmati + Yara Feghali) * Isabel Beavers * Isabel Lucille Riedling * Julian Castronovo * Ke Huang * Lauren Bon + Metabolic Studio * Lauren Fong * Leonardo Pirondi * Leslie Labowitz Starus * Lisa Banta * Marina Zurkow + James Schmitz * Mark Dorf * Mercedes Dorame * Michele Lorusso * Nina Sarnelle * Paige Emery * Phillip Byrne + Beatriz Cortez + Tatiana Guerrero + Benjamin Cortez * Punitive Worm * Roya Ziba * Ruben Ochoa + Cam La * Sarah Rothberg * T.Y Yi Tang * Wenxin Zhou * Yanbin Zhao * ZhenZhen Zhong

Films by

C. Bain + Christine Gaffney * Rebecca Baron + Douglas Goodwin * Betty Beaumont * Isabel Beavers * Lauren Bon + Metabolic Studio * Andrea Bowers + Suzanne Lacy * Alice Bucknell * Julian Castronovo * Crenshaw Dairy Mart * Alexia de Montalembert + Lucas de Montalembert * Mark Dorf * Folly Feast Lab (Viviane El Kmati + Yara Feghali) * Lauren Fong * Ke Huang * Cannupa Luger Hanska * Leonardo Pirondi * Isabel Riedling Lucille * Nina Sarnelle * Yanbin Zhao * Wenxin Zhou


Bianca Lexis * Ben Babbitt * Blaq Pages * Cliff Choi (CalArts student) * Colored Craig * Cumbiatón * Danie * DJ Shub * Drew Sensue-Weinstein * Essenssya * Farah Abouzeid (CalArts student) * Foreigner * Frank JavCee and Company * Grace Dashnaw (CalArts student) * HYD * Innastate * Janelle Safford (CalArts student) * Jocelyn Romo * John Jones and Motion Ward * Kaili * Lioness-Sia Foday (CalArts student) * Maddison Schneider (CalArts student) * Matt LeVeque (CalArts student) * MUCO (CalArts student) * NNEOMA * Novena Carmel * Ryon Polequaptewa * saQi * Salt Petal * Supaman * Greg Spero and the Tiny Room Band * Tha ‘Yoties

Family Activities

Earth Moves dance with Shamell Bell * Goat Yoga with Hello Critters * Sound Baths with Jennifer Bloom * Zine Making with Crop Collective


We bring people together and create experiences that stimulate invention and promote new ways of thinking. A future-forward initiative, our mission is to mobilize the power of imagination and collaborate across cultures and disciplines, cultivating bold and transformative visions for more equitable, sustainable futures in the year 2030 and beyond.


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