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Ella Rosenblatt


I give language to nature, 2020–2022

Oil paint on woodboard, acrylic

“I give language to nature.

I give my words to the earth.

I give symbols to my nature.”

These mantras from the artist represent the idea behind I give language to nature. Each painted tile depicts a different character, real or imagined, presenting a speculative alphabet that communicates with natural elements and non-human entities. Rosenblatt invites the viewers to move the tiles around and compose words, symbols, phrases, or patterns, real or made up. The installation speaks to the relationship between language and ecology and the natural-ness of language and communication. Here, the artist looks to the Earth and the communication systems of nature to create a bridge between human and non-human entities.


Ella Rosenblatt is a Dutch-American artist/writer/educator/designer. Raised in Pittsburgh, PA, she is currently completing her MFA at CalArts, teaching in the Writing Center, assisting CalArts professors, and supporting artist and transmedia playwright Kat Mustatea. Previously she studied Art History and Science, Technology, & Society focusing on linguistics and art/writing practice at Brown University. Bottlecap Press published her chapbook of erasure poems, A Dance Through Time in 2022.

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