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Emory Hall


Set: Time_Dinner, speculative kitchen tools, 2023

Ceramic utensils, stainless steel table, sand

The ceramic tools represent utensils for a speculative future, prompting the viewer with the question: what is the future of dining? What will the tools and utensils of this future look like? Hall’s artistic practice emerged from her experience working in restaurants. The desire to experiment with food as material and imagine new forms for the built environment around dining brought her to study art, technology, and food. Sourcing practices, water conservation techniques, and waste cycle innovations will evolve and impact future food systems as well as the tools and environments for food production and consumption. As food, technology, and ecology hybridize, the physical structures of tools used will also take on new forms. The ceramic material used points to the purely speculative nature of the utensils, not intended for utility but to be imagined as models for a dining experience of the future.


Emory Hall explores the relationships between ritual, health and toxicity. She reflects on how the mythological overlaps with the technological. Collisions between the kitchen and the studio provide material for new futures of consumption. How will chefs shape the future? Emory Hall (1993) lives and works in Los Angeles. A former cook and food stylist, she has worked as a chef at artist residencies (ACRE Projects, Oxbow) She is currently completing an MFA in Art + Tech at Calarts.

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