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Lauren Bon and Metabolic Studio


Construction Poetics, 2023–in-progress

Digital film, field recording, 60 min.

Construction Poetics is composed of audio and video field recordings that document the infrastructural project Bending the River that involves the Metabolic Studio team redirecting a small portion of the wastewater from the Los Angeles River from its course out to sea to the site of Metabolic Studio. There, it is cleansed  on the floodplain of the drainage basin of the pre-colonized city, today known as the Los Angeles State Historic Park. This is the first adaptive reuse of the Los Angeles River since it was built to control flood damage in the 1930s. The work is being made on Tongva land with guidance from the Tongva people. Construction Poetics delves into the frequencies that inform our senses, showcasing the process and scale of Metabolic Studio’s ambitious project. The sound and visuals create an immersive experience that conveys the transformational power of Bending the River — and communicates the unyielding intensity of the artist's lived experience in making this epic work.


Metabolic Studio is an interdisciplinary art and research hub directed by artist Lauren Bon. The studio operates with a mission to explore and address critical social and environmental issues through art interventions and innovative projects aimed at reparation.

Our work often revolves around themes of water, land use, energy and the redefinition of relationships between humans, non-humans, and living systems. We hope to bridge the gap between art, science, and activism, offering creative perspectives on social and environmental challenges.

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