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Lauren Fong


Coded Anima: freediving in-silico, 13:27 min.

Made in collaboration with Jimesa Casas, Coded Anima: freediving in-silico tells anecdotes of lost family photos through the poorly digitized landscapes of Cuba. Seeking the inaccessible, Fong approximates herself as a third-person video game character, narrating and embodying the impossibility of finding one’s own place of birth digitally.


Lauren Fong is a crafter of moving images. Switching between virtual avatar to hometown tourist, she engages with shaping an alternative visual language that captures stories of migration and diasporic memories. Through moving image and video installation as main artistic mediums, she explores discourses of imperial contexts associated with new media technologies, seeking to unlearn notions that perpetuate hierarchies based on race, class, gender and sexuality.

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