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Michele Lorusso


Dispositivo III (from the series 'Ejercicios Para Futurizar'), 2023

Plywood, mirror

Dispositivo III functions as a platform for the question: “How would the future appear as a reflection?” and encourages the viewers to envision personal and collective aspirations. The installation prompts visitors to sit low to the Earth and compose letters to their future selves. Following the exhibition, the letters will be stored in a time capsule until 2030 when they will be returned to their respective authors. The yin-yang design of the table and chairs holds rotating mirrors inscribed with prompts: "what is the present climate chaos you see?" and conversely "what is the future climate balance you imagine?" This design — from a series of modular table structures inspired by the Japanese form meets function logic — aims to integrate imaginative provocation and future visioning into various educational and curatorial settings, fostering a contemplative connection between present and future.

Instruction: Please have a seat at the table. Take a moment to imagine a future vision and write a letter to your future self in response to the prompt engraved on the mirror. You may use the writing utensils and art supplies provided. When finished, please put your name and information on the envelope and insert your letter into the Time Capsule. Your letter will be returned to you in 2030 in the mail.


Michele Lorusso is a visual artist who uses primarily poetry, sculpture, installation and performance to explore, both materially and discursively, the mirror and its reflection as a surface for inscription of the symbolic. With an interest in relational aesthetics, his artistic practice is characterized by working with the poetic and cathartic potential of the spoken and written language, in collective contexts of self-reflection and affective confrontation where the agency of the public is key.

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