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Roya Ziba




* Key for the individual ceramic pieces *

1. To See God... Look Into The Mirror of Thine Own Heart

2. Protection

3. Swallow

4. Pour Head

5. Convergent Way

6. Ojā (Nutriment)

7. The Path

8. I Can't Let You Get Close

9. The Lower Self

10. Beguiled by Dreams of Effervescent Dew

11. Spirit Water

12. Rise Up And Play

13. The One Who Has Not Tasted Will Not Know

14. Divergent Way

15. Fill Up My Cup

16. Attachment of the Heart

17. The People's Crow

The seventeen ceramic works of LOONEH: JOURNEY TO (W)HOLE are made up of seventeen handbuilt ceramic LOONEH’s. ‘Looneh’' is a wordplay on the Persian word meaning nest or ‘small hole,’ derived from ancient Sufi poetry, and ‘Loo,’ a word for toilet from the French phrase 'gardez l'eau', or 'watch out for the water.’ The form of the sculptures draws inspiration from the study of the Persian poem Conference of the Birds, ancient Olla pottery used for irrigation, as well as observation of swallows building their nests. The forms reimagine ancient Ollas with  playful function as a portable urinal for unisex anatomy. Installed outdoors, the unglazed works will irrigate and provide nutrients through water, diluted urine, or other modes of organic fertilization for plants. Bringing humor through function, LOONEH: JOURNEY TO (W)HOLE provides an artistic exploration of ancient, alternative, and sustainable methods of irrigation that, if scaled, could have a larger eco impact.


Roya Ziba’s name means beautiful dream in Persian. Her multimedia artwork reflects a diverse background in conceptual craft, incorporating ceramics, sonic compositions, performance, sculpture, paintings, and photo-video to create large bodies of work. Drawing upon personal experiences and observations of life, Ziba’s interdisciplinary approach to art conveys poetic and critical ideas while contributing to conversations about nature, culture, and society.

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