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T.Y Yi Tang


The Third Scene, 2023

Letterpress printing poster

The Third Scene is part of a series imagining an immersive nature-inspired festival of sound and meditation. This experience invites viewers to embrace Mother Nature's cradle, shedding negativity through the tender embrace of wind and water. The tactile practice of lino-cutting and setting metal type during the creation process puts the artist in touch, literally, with natural elements. Tradition and innovation blend as characters align like musical notes, colors flow like soul journeys, and textured paper evokes land and forests. The analog design process honors the tangible and rejects digital ease, evoking a nature-mirroring symphony and sparking imagination.


T.Y Yi Tang is an intercultural designer sculpting designs that queer between the tunnels of perceptions. Her approach weaves systematic design experimentation with honed skills and organic research that truthfully draws from collective memories. Her current passion focus on ethnographic diaspora through the glimpse of personal history. Her creative focus spans graphic design, motion graphic, moving image and writing, on crafting narratives that transcend time.

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